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Custom Printed Fabric

At Animatica we make sure you have the right product for your event.

We work closely with you to select quality materials to match your pms colours .  If we can't match an existing fabric we'll have some custom printed just for you!

Photos of your product are sent throughout production to ensure we're getting it right.

The Clam Jam graphic.jpg

by Lemon Chicken Por Favor

The Clan Jam action.jpg

At the event!!

Clan Jam guitar.jpg

Product with custom printed fabric

Cleaning & Repairs

Our costumes are machine washable, simply place in the washing machine following the carers instructions in you wearer manual.
No expensive dry cleaning required.

Or you can utilise our in house cleaning service.  We will wash your costume and have it returned to you promptly.  Quote upon request by emailing or calling Gabe +61 0425 758 602
We understand that accidents do happen, that's ok, we're here to help.
We can assess the damage and repair for you.
We build our costumes to last with quality materials and attention to detail.  No planned obsolescence!!  We are committed to sustainable, ethical practices.

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