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Our Process

corporate sporting mascot
character costume   club mascot
character mascot costume
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Here at Animatica Workshop we work closely with you to ensure you get the best corporate or sporting mascot product for your event.

We'll take you through the production process for your costume or mascot step by step from clay sculpt to finished product. 

At each stage of the production process we will send through photos for your approval of your mascot, making sure that each element of your character is exactly the way you want it.

Our team works carefully to ensure that your costume or mascot is user friendly and comfortable using the highest quality materials from our local suppliers. 

We refer closely to your style guide and brand colours using your PMS colours to custom print your mascot fabric including company logo and fabric pattern design.

The process.jpg

Foam costume process

Small light weight radial cooling fan inserted in the headpiece, powered by a 12 volt rechargable battery.

Includes spare battery, battery belt, digital charger and user instructions.

Keeps wearer cool!

Components 1.jpg

Inflatable costume process

Inflatable process.jpg
Components 2.jpg
Components 3.jpg

Our custom designed inflation system will keep your suit inflated while keeping the wearer cool.

Includes adjustable fan harness, 2 x rechargable batteries, digital battery charger and user instructions.

All costume components pack into a sports wheelie bag making storage and transportation of you costume neat and simple, pop in the car and go!

Imagine your 8 foot character packing into a sports bag!!

We recycle our fabric waste making sure that unwanted fabrics and scraps are sent to The Textile Recyclers Australia to make sure they don't end up in landfill

Fabric for recycling


"At TRA we are helping Australia's largest organisation's to keep unwanted pre and post-consumer textiles & apparel out of the landfill. Greatly reducing the impact on the environment.

We use traditional second life upcycling solutions by shipping clothes that are still wearable overseas, however if the clothes are no longer wearable or they are uniforms and cannot be worn we will send them overseas to our recycling facility for conversion into fibre and then yarn and onto new fabrics"

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